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Faith-Filled Fiction


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April 07
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January 2007

Comments?  Please use the guestbook on the Current Issue Page.
Want to Subscribe? Send a note to karina(at)  Please put FFF-Yes in the subject line.  I'll let you know when a new issue is up.
Submissions:  Have an article to share?  Want to educate folks on some aspect of your religion?  have market news or just a brag?  Let me know!
Please read my Submission Guidelines before submitting:

Submissions should have some expression of faith in their theme.


All submissions should be sent electronically as a Word or .rtf file.  Please italicize book or magazine titles.  500 words maximum.  Reprints fine; please list where previously published.  This is a non-paying market, though credits and links are gladly given. 


Slice of Life:  How has your faith helped your writing?


Writing Tips:  How to show rather than tell, characterization, world-building.


Educational:  Explain some aspect of your religion or denomination.  This can be general practice and beliefs or a specific doctrine.  These articles are not to evangelize, but educate.  Please think in terms of how what you're explaining can be applied to a story or character.  Please check your facts and provide references


Market News:  Groups, blogs, magazines, publishers.  Please send a link or address and a short description.  Calls for submission eagerly accepted and can contain full details.


Brags:  Have a faith-filled book coming out soon?  On a writing tour?  Win an award?  Let me know.


When you're ready, send it as a word or .rtf file to karina(at)  Please put FFF-Submission in the subject line.

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