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Infinite Space, Infinite God

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Robert A. Fabian is a Lt. Colonel in the USAF, currently working space policy issues for Department of Defense.  Although a long-time fan of science fiction and fantasy, most of his published works are academic papers concerning the military use of space.


Rob met Karina in the military, and they married in 1990.  Their Catholic fiction began on a "date" in 1996 when they created the intrepid space rescue sisters of the Order of Our Lady of the Rescue.  It was their interest in showing that present-day religion will not be usurped by technological advances that led them to create the anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God. 


What do you enjoy about science fiction?


What first drew me to science fiction at age 11 was a sense of wonder; but as I grew older, what kept me coming back was the genre's ability to look at what might be, to play "what if" with future possibilities.  Some authors like Larry Niven are particularly gifted at this, but any good sci-fi author makes you think.


How did this influence the selection of stories for Infinite Space, Infinite God?


Both of those factors--the sense of wonder and the examination of future possibilities and ideas--were central to all the stories we selected.  "Brother Jubal" in particular struck me that way: the visual imagery of the lunar surface and the juxtaposition of a religious hermit with those futuristic elements.  Part of what we wanted to show in this anthology is that religion is a part of human society and won't be left behind.  A lunar hermit is a perfect case in point. Much of the anthology, however, explores human nature, as we see in "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" which allowed us to look in to some of the problems that remain endemic to our society and around the globe.


What about your stories?


I think the sense of wonder definitely shows through in our stories.  I also think they're a lot of fun--although I may be biased, as Karina and I wrote them on a series of "date nights" out without the kids.  That's what happens when you get two writers in a household.  (Or accurately, one writer (Karina) and one really good kibitzer.)  It also helped for "Our Daily Bread" that we had a good role model for our character:  Karina's dad, who was ordained a deacon a few years prior.


What do you hope people will get out of Infinite Space, Infinite God?


First and foremost, I hope they enjoy it.  It's a fun read.


A close second, I hope it makes them think.  Think bout the future, think about issues…just plain think.


If it also serves to remind them that God will be with us wherever we are in the galaxy, that's good, too.


Congratulations to Rob, who will be taking over command of the 91st Maintenance Operations Squadron in Minot AFB, ND this August.

Faith and Fiction for the Thoughtful Reader.