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Infinite Space, Infinite God

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Tell me a little about your writing career: I began writing in about 2000 when I saw an advertisement in the library for a local science fiction/fantasy writing contest. I entered and won second place. Quickly following that experience, I came across an ad for the MOPS International Story Writing contest. I entered it, and won. That’s how I started my writing career—with two contests. After that, I contributed to a number of books, wrote for some religious magazines, and pursued children’s writing. (I am, after all, a former first grade school teacher!) Although most of my writing is devotional in nature or geared toward children, I have a soft spot for the science fiction and fantasy genre.


What inspired your story? My story started out as a short five-sentence writing exercise. I liked what I wrote and saved it. Years later, when Infinite Space, Infinite God came along, I expanded that idea. However, as I wrote, the characters took off in a whole other direction. I ended up deleting the sentences that inspired the story! Although I did some research on my own, I asked a professor at Purdue University, Dr. Browning, to review the manuscript to check for scientific accuracy.


Where else can people find your stuff?  I have contributed to a dozen non-fiction books, including Real Moms, Cup of Comfort Devotional, and Cup of Comfort for Women. If people look hard, they’ll find short stories, puzzles, and poems for children and teens in back issues of Pockets Magazine and Devo’Zine. I will also have a few articles in upcoming issues of Focus on Your Child newsletters. Finally, I wrote a thirty day devotional book, Busy Moms’ Devotions to Go, which can be ordered at


What are you working on now? I am thrilled to introduce a new fiction series for children. Standard Publishing will release the first two books in the Meghan Rose series in July 2007. (Meghan Rose on Stage and Meghan Rose Has Ants in Her Pants.) These chapter books were written for children ages 6 on up. They contain lots of humor (I love to laugh) plus offer fun activities kids can try at the end of the story (I love to glue too). The main character, Meghan Rose, practically BURSTS off the page with her kangaroo-bouncy energy and attitude.


I have an idea for a YA fantasy novel kicking around in the back of my head, but right now the Meghan Rose series earns top priority. We’ll see where God leads me.


For now, you can view my profile at I hope to establish a web site or blog for the Meghan Rose series very soon.  


Faith and Fiction for the Thoughtful Reader.