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Riggens' March from Ray's story, "Hopkins' Well"

Author Adrienne Ray


Tell us a little about yourself:


I am the child of a ‘mixed marriage’. My father was Catholic and  my mother was an astrology studying, ouija-board toting New-ager. We were constantly debating the pros and cons of Catholic teachings. I was the 13th of 14 children and, most of the time, the TV set was broken. So we had to entertain ourselves by writing stories and comic strips.


What inspired your story?


I used to complain that a lot of fiction written today seemed to put down Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. My friends always told me, ‘If you don’t like it, why don’t you write something pro- Catholic?’ The phrase ‘put up, or shut up’ also was used once or twice.


Where else can people find your stuff?


I have published in several on line magazines:  “Gateway”, “Dragons, Knights and Angels”, “Static Movement on Line”, “Astounding Tales” and “Anotherealm”. I also have a story in the anthology, Cybertales.


What are you working on now?


I am working on a collection of short stories about the Melungeons. The Melungeons are  a group of people found in the Appalachians with mysterious origins. Some people think they may be escendants of the Lost Colony. I hope to one day connect my family to these people.


Anything else you'd like to share?


By some people’s standards, my family might be considered ‘red neck’. I remember during a particularly ‘lean’ time in my marriage, my husband, Mick, asked me to help him put our car up on blocks in the front yard.


(Yeah, that does sound kind of red neck.) But we didn’t have any cinder blocks so we used logs that we had not yet chopped into a size that would fit into our woodstove. I remember telling Mick, ‘Oh no! Not only are we rednecks--we’re POOR red necks!’ In fact, I am a little proud of my blue collar roots. It is a strong influence in what I write.

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Short Bios of the Intrepid ISIG crew....
    ---Some have interviews: check at the end of their bio.---

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff , "Cruel and Unusual Punishment": Maya became addicted to writing when she discovered that words spawn worlds. Author of short stories that have appeared in magazines as diverse as Analog and Interzone, she has 5 novels to her name: The Meri, Taminy, Crystal Rose, and The Spirit Gate (Baen) and Magic Time: Angelfire (Harper Collins/Eos.) The idea for "Cruel" came when she was meditating on the subject of the enlightened soul and realized the greatest punishment one could experience was a true understanding of their sin. Maya is a freelance writer and editor who also writes, performs and records original and parody music with her husband Jeff for their Mystic Fig label. Her web site is


Rose Dimond, "Stabat Mater": Rose Dimond is a writer of many talents. In addition to nonfiction, she enjoys finding unique combinations of ideas. Her story in Dancing USA is probably the first science fiction story to appear in a magazine about ballroom dancing. A veteran of Clarion, Viable Paradise, and Jim Gunn's Center for the Study of Science Fiction workshop, she nevertheless considers her best education to be from the Benedictine nuns at St. Scholastica's Academy of Covington, LA. If you like "Stabat Mater," keep an eye out for her novel, Tell the Stars, which she hopes to have published soon. Click here for Interview.


Colleen Drippe', "Far Traveler" and "Brother John": Colleen Drippe has two books set in the "Lost Rythar" universe: Godcountry and Sunrise on the Icewolf, (NovelBooks.) She has also written children's books and many short stories, one of which was about Brother John's predecessors to Rythar and appeared in our Christian SF anthology, Leaps of Faith (available on cd at  Click here for interview.


Karina L. Fabian, "These Three," "Interstellar Calling" and "Our Daily Bread": Karina L. Fabian is a homeschooling mother of four who writes articles and craft books to bring in extra money and fiction to placate the many characters in her head who insist on having their stories told. Her short stories have appeared in magazines like Eternal Night and in the award-winning Christian SF anthology, Leaps of Faith, which she edited with her husband, Rob. A cradle Catholic and SF geek, she's had a great time thinking about the future of the Catholic Church for this anthology. She finds collaborating with her husband, whether about children, stories, or anthologies, extremely romantic. Learn more about her at   Click here for interview.


Robert A. Fabian, "The Greatest of These" and "Our Daily Bread": Rob is a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF whose training is in military space operations, but whose career has ranged from ICBM maintenance to speechwriting for the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. He has written several articles on the military and commercial use of space, the most recent of which appeared in Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Power and Policy. Rob handles the technical/detail side of the Fabian writing team. Click Here for Interview.


Alex Lobdell, "Hosts of the Envoy:" Alex Lobdell claims to be a former Mr. Universe, professional battleship designer and confidant of Pulitzer prize-winning authors. Or so he wishes. He has an active fantasy life. In reality, Alex is a Notre Dame alumnus and former editor of Montana Catholic. He teaches at Chien Kou Technical University in Chang Hua, Taiwan, where he spends a lot of quality time with his Chinese-English dictionary. He did once meet Pulitzer-prizewinner A.B. Guthrie, however. Guthrie told him he thought heaven would be a boring place; Alex hopes he's there, anyway, and has found something to interest him. His first SF story about Luke Kittery appeared in Leaps of Faith.


Alan Loewen, "Canticle of the Wolf" and "Mask of the Ferret": Alan Loewen is a United Brethren pastor who lives in Gettysburg, Pensylvania with Cherie (his wife of 17 years) and their three sons. His previous work has appeared in PawPrints Fanzine, Beauty From Ashes Poetry Review, and Gateway SF. He presently moderates several online listserves to promote and encourage the writing of genre fiction and is also co-writing a science fiction novel with author, Ken Pick.  Click here for interview.


Tim Myers, "Brother Jubal in the Womb of Silence": Tim Myers is a writer, storyteller, and songwriter living in Santa Clara, CA, where he teaches at Santa Clara University. Raised Catholic in the "old school" tradition, Tim says he not only survived the crazier aspects of that upbringing but has positively thrived on its spiritual depth. Though he abandoned his youthful plan of becoming a priest, he revels in James Joyce's concept of "a priest of the imagination" and has come to see that human beings can't be fully who they are without faith. "Not to mention that life is a lot more fun when you have it," he added.


Simon Morden, "Little Madeleine": Dr. Simon Morden, PhD, lives England. Trained as a planetary geologist, he found himself completely unemployable in his chosen field and took on a series of increasingly bizarre jobs, beloved by all authors for their jacket notes. Rescued by the patter of tiny feet and becoming a full-time househusband, Simon now divides his time unequally between writing, playing with the cat, and teaching the kids at the local primary school how black holes are formed. He's written several SF, fantasy and horror stories and the book The Lost Art, and edits British Science Fiction Association's writers' magazine Focus.  Keep up with his latest exploits by visiting the infamous Book of Morden at


Ken Pick, "Mask of the Ferret": Ken Pick is a computer programmer and moderately-practicing Catholic layman from Southern California. Cursed with a hyperactive imagination, he writes (among many-many other things) in an attempt "to stay sane." He has been published in the print fanzine Yarf! and is a regular contributor to the webzine Freelance TravellerClick Here for Interview.


Adrienne Ray, "Hopkins' Well": Adrienne Ray lives with her husband, Mick, and her daughter, Elizabeth, in Cashville Virginia. Her son, Mike, attends Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the Director of Religious Education at St. Peter's Church in Onley, Virginia, and works full time at an art bronze foundry. In her spare time, Adrienne writes stories that have appeared in several magazines, including Dragons, Knights, and Angels: The Magazine of Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction, Astounding Tales, Anotherealm, and Gateway.


Lori Z. Scott, "The Harvest": Lori Scott loves her husband, Jim, and children, Michael and Meghan. As a former elementary teacher, she believes the storytelling magic found science fiction/fantasy makes the genre a powerful tool to illustrate godly principles. She has contributed to several books, and is author of Busy Moms' Devotions to Go.  She'd like to thank Dr. Mark Browning at the Purdue Department of Biological Sciences for teaching her the principles of biology needed for this story.  Click here for Interview. Lori's interviews elsewhere.


J Sherer, "Understanding":  J Sherer resides in Southern California where he serves as a marketing account manager. His previous works have appeared in Dragons, Knights, and Angels Magazine and The West Wind. He is currently working to develop an online storytelling venue that would bring the feel of classic newspaper serials to the Internet. This science fiction adventure will wrap time travel into an exciting, history-changing thrill ride. Become a part of the adventure by visiting When he isn’t writing or working, J keeps active with bodyboarding, swimming, playing basketball, reading, and completing his Master of Business Administration at Azusa Pacific University.  Click here for interview.

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