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About Karina

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April 07
About Karina
Market News
January 2007

Karina Fabian:  writer, editor, mother, wife, child of God.

Karina Fabian has written everything from radio news stories to personality features to science fiction.  However, events have been leading her more and more into faith-filled literature and promotion.


She’s been in over 50 periodicals and has four books published.  Her latest, Infinite Space, Infinite God (August 2007, Twilight Times Books) has driven her into the world of marketing.  As she learns the tricks of publicizing her book, she’s also tried to share her knowledge with others by teaching courses, offering “primers” on her website, answering questions and offering unsolicited advice.  (Did we mention she also wrote how-to pieces?  She’s good at unsolicited advice.)  In addition, she’s shopping a fantasy trilogy, publishing a newsletter, writing a Catholic science fiction novel and crafting a fantasy noir satire involving a dragon detective, the creatures of Faerie and a Mensa convention. 


Karina started Faith-Filled Fiction after the MuseOnline Writers Conference.  She ran a workshop on faith in fiction with three friends and discovered there was a real hunger for learning to incorporate religion into all genres as well as to find places to sell or publish faith-filled works.


She's President of the Catholic Writers' Guild, owner of Catholic Writers Online, and active in a half-dozen or more groups.  She homeschools her four children, and has the most understanding husband in the world.


Karina Fabian

Fabian's Factoids:

Race:  Human

Faith:  Catholic

Non-Fiction writing:  interviews, how-to, inspirational, news feature

Fiction:  Fantasy, SF, mystery

Books Published:  Little Flowers Craft Companions I and II (EcceHomoPress), Infintie Space, Infinite God (August 2007 Twilight Times Books)

Interests:  faith, fantasy/SF, homeschooling, website building, living simple, loving large

Family:  Husband Rob (AF LtCol); Kids: Steven, Amber, Alex, Liam

Pets:  Elbereth, patron saint of harried kitties; Layla, our puppy of the perpetual wag; and three hermit crabs






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