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April 07
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January 2007


(If you have any writing or faith-oriented websites or resource to recommend, please e-mail me.)



WRITING:  Probably the most easy-access, valuable writing-education conference you can attend--and it's free! An on-line magazine for Christian Fiction Writers. An interesting con report about the use of religion (real and imagined) in SF. "Mystery, Manners and the Mind of the Maker," by Paul erlandson.  An article about Christain Art.  "The Moral Responsibility of the Catholic Artist." Lots of how-to information on writing and selling your writing.  Also a newsletter. Lots of misc. writing and living advice, from the next step in getting a book published to cell phone plans

MARKETING:  If you've built a website to advertise your books, look at this article for ways to make it more effective.


SUPPORT:  A Catholic writers' site dedicated to supporting each other in our writing and faith.  A goals-oriented Catholic writers' site. A great site for Christian writers of all levels to learn about writing, find new markets and generally discuss the craft. Recently mentioned in Writer's Digest. A worldwide Internet Ministry to advocate and support Catholic faith in education on several levels as well as promote a fuller prayer life.

RESEARCH, INFORMATION AND FAITH-FORMATION Complete downloadable Bible Study Series--general Christian

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