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April 07
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January 2007

Science Fiction with a Spiritual Dimension featured in new E-Zine

Wayfarer’s Journal  (, a new science fiction e-zine, was launched in February. The publication focuses on publishing science fiction stories with a “spiritual dimension.”

“By spiritual we don’t mean preachy,” comments Wayfarers editor Terri Main. “We mean stories which not only project the reader into the future technologically, but see how those changes impact the morality, ethics and spirituality of believable characters.” 

Main notes that spiritual issues are often not addressed by secular science fiction publications, and that many religious publications are reticent about publishing science fiction or fantasy.

“This shying away from the spiritual aspect of humanity in science fiction is foolish.  A look at any newscast will show how technological and sociological developments have spiritual implications,” says Main. “What happens if human cloning takes place?  Will clones have souls?  What about contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?  Could there be a place where original sin was never committed?  What about the spirituality of incorporeal beings? These are questions just waiting to be explored in fiction.”

The publication will not only include science fiction stories, but also poetry, reviews and literary essays.

“We will have a regular feature by a Bible scholar called ‘The Masters’ which will explore how many classic science fiction writers explored spiritual themes in their work,” says Main.  “We also want to publish science fiction poetry if we can find any.”

The publication will be published semi-annually in February and June.  However, Main intends to add new features in between official publications.  The site will also include a blog in which Main will publish news bites and mini-reviews.

“Even though we publish a new issue only twice a year, the site will always have new things on it to keep people coming back,” says Main.

Those interested in writing for the publication can contact main at webservant2003@...  or visit the web site and click on “Author’s Guidelines.”

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